server sniff

Server and network analytics A 'Swiss Army Knife' to networking on the internet is a collection of free, web-based online tools to probe servers, analyze networks, trace routing on the internet. These tools will benefit administrators, webmasters, developers, power users und security-aware users.

Tools for admins, developers and webmasters: Benchmarks and information about servers, routing, IP-Stacks, encryption, security, nameservers and domains.

Tools for power users: offers you quite a bit of IPv6 networking, even if your uplink/ISP doesn't fully support IPv6 yet (try it here for example). Our IPv6 tools are perfekt for troubleshooting and for checking a server's network configuration. Other tools will provide plenty of information about servers, ssl-encryption methods, DNS and more!

Be aware that the tools provided here are not hacking tools at all: only gathers public information from sources that are anyway open and/or by requesting network packets from the servers directly. With using you agree on our terms of use and on acceptable use policy. We are logging all actions on this site and we won't hesitate to block your IP in case of abuse! Some of our tools are quite powerful and not a toy. To put it simple: please don't do anything nefarious.